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Thread Vein Treatment for Legs

Thread Veins (also known as Telangiectasia, Red Veins, Spider Veins or Broken Capillaries) are a common problem affecting people of all ages. They can appear gradually over many years, or fairly quickly in some cases. Often the first few signs will be small red veins visible through the skin, which cause no problems. However, over time these veins can begin to multiply significantly and become clusters looking red, purple or blue in appearance. The sufferer usually feels they are unsightly and may be embarrassed. Often they can lose confidence with the appearance of their legs, especially during the summer months. Fortunately there is a treatment available to help reduce the appearance of Thread Veins.

Sclerotherapy is the introduction of a substance Sclermo into a vein, using a very small needle. This substance causes damage to the walls of the tiny blood vessels. This damage inside the blood vessel will lead to a contraction and eventual obliteration of the vein over the next few weeks. However, veins have a strong regenerative capacity, which accounts for reappearance of some of the treated veins. It is usually necessary to treat more than once to obtain the desired effect. Most patients require at least three treatments in total over a series of months to obtain a desirable clearance (although this may vary) and may well need a maintenance treatment annually to keep them at bay.

Treatment can be carried out following a full Medical History, consultation and treatment plan.

Medical Photographs will be taken before and following treatment. Skin will be cleansed and sterilised and tiny injections performed directly into the offending veins. Often the veins will disappear before your eyes! Others may take longer to subside. The treatment itself is virtually painless and is generally tolerated very well with patients being delighted with the results. Following Sclerotherapy legs will appear red and bumpy. Compression garments must be worn so it is advisable to purchase these before treatment. Class 1 compression stockings or tights are recommended 15mmHG which are available on Amazon. Following initial treatment it is usually best to space subsequent treatments 4 to 6 weeks apart.

Sclerotherapy, is a highly skilled treatment, and when performed by a specialist, is a remarkably safe and effective technique to combat thread veins. Results are directly influenced by the skill and placement of the product. I am an experienced Nurse Prescriber and I have many years of practice and experience in this field of work. I am fully qualified and insured giving you complete confidence in my abilities.

  • Cost of Treatment
  • £ 250