Emma Marie


Roko Button

15. October 2018.

at 7 o’clock in the evening
Villa Macadamiana second at Marianberg
Hilltop Dr Menomonee Falls, WI 53051 US


“ First Class!
From the moment that I met Yolande for Botox and Dermal Filler treatment, I instantly felt at ease. At the same time as being cheerful and reasurring, Yolande was so professional. She took the time to go over my medical history and explained every single part of the procedure in detail, how it works, what she uses, what to expect, time frames, what not to do etc. She asked if I had any questions and if I was still happy to go head. She also provided all the necessary paperwork which again showed how professional she is. The procedures were painless, her attention to detail, hygiene and and safety are first class, and the end results were perfection, I was over the moon. Almost 6 years on from meeting her I have continuously used her for all my Botox and Filler treatments. I have also highly recommended her to many friends who have equally been just as happy with Yolande.”

Laura C

“I am delighted to write this testimonial about Yolande Golding. I first met her many years ago when she was working in a private hospital. She put me at ease straight away with her relaxed, helpful and knowledgable manner. I found Yolande to be very personable so decided to give her a ‘try’. I booked for treatment and the first thing I noticed was her attention to paperwork details. It was clear that she wasn’t an “inject, take the money and run” practitioner. She noted down all medical information, made sure that I was fully aware of the procedure and advised me of possible side effects like temporary bruising. I was pleased to notice that cleanliness was as important to her as it was to me. After applying numbing cream, we had to wait a while for the cream to work. It was a pleasure chatting to her while we waited as she is easy to engage with and has a lovely sense of humour. When I was numb she started to inject, making sure all the time that I was comfortable. She constantly checked to make sure she was injecting in exactly the right place, was injecting the same amount in either cheek and massaged the administered area. Once done she advised me that it would be a few days for any swelling to settle down and the full effect seen. She gave me an aftercare leaflet and details of the product used. She also said that I could telephone her at any time if I had any concerns. A few days later I could see the results really coming to fruition and was absolutely delighted. Since that time I have had treatments on several occasions and also started Botox treatments too. I have always been totally delighted with the results and with Yolande in general. I would recommend her to anyone.”
Jackie D

“ Yolande Golding has been treating me for a number of years now for a chronic skin complaint and also aesthetic treatments.
I have always found her to be professional, sympathetic and friendly. She offers up to date advice and suitable medical treatments, as she attends many courses. She has even on occasions advised me aginst having unnecessary treatments that I have requested, because in her medical opinion they were not needed (which is a rare quality in her profession)
Yolande is always accomodating and prepared to go the extra mile when needed (working around my shift patterns due to my profession)
I have had many treatments with Yolande, in professional surroundings and I am always very satisfied with the outcome.
I have and always will continue to recommend Yolande to anyone searching for the perfect aesthetics practitioner.”

Julie H

“ The best anti wrinkle injection treatment I have ever had!
I have been having Botox treatments for at least 5 years and have tried various different practitioners who were all totally fine. But when a friend recommended Yolande, she was so happy and her results looked so good, that I booked in for treatment. After my initial consultation I could hardly wait! Yolande was immaculately dressed and is a great walking advertisment for her treatments. She was warm and welcoming and her clinic was spotless and clean. After completing consent forms and taking photographs, the treatment itself was quick and painless, with no bruising. A few days later the treatment began working and after 2 weeks looked fantastic. I did not even need to return for a review appointment. She was spot on and knew exactly where to inject for the best results.”

Patricia B

“Yolande was recommended to me by my sister. I had been contemplating having filler in my lips for years, but was always a bit nervous as I did not want to look fake or strange. She made me feel at ease immediately and understood my concerns. She treated my lips in a way that, although they look much better than before, they also look completely natural which was very important for me. I feel so confident now and I am really pleased with the results, especially when I apply lipstick. The whole procedure was so comfortable too, almost completely painless. I wished I had done this years ago.”
Michelle A