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As we age, unfortunately certain changes occur in our skin, which can make our appearance less youthful. Skin cell turnover begins to slow down as we get older, collagen and elastin production slows causing the skin to appear thinner and dull looking. Sun damage can cause pigmentation or dark patches and pores enlarge. Acne scars may add to the uneven texture and rough appearance, along with sagging skin and fine lines.

Fortunately micro-needling can help to combat this by encouraging the skin’s own healing process to boost collagen production. When the skin is damaged or cut in some way, your body releases its own growth factors from the platelets in your blood. These increase the rate of production of the intercellular matrix of the skin causing an increase in collagen production which boosts the skin’s thickness and elasticity. This in turn will naturally help to tighten up loose skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps to tighten open pores, reduce freckles and pigmentation and makes acne scars appear less obvious. Stretch marks on the body can also be improved making the patient feel more confident and happy.

Following a full Medical History, Consultation and treatment plan, Medical Photographs will be taken and local anaesthetic cream applied to the treatment area. Treatment itself is generally well tolerated and is virtually painless. Following treatment the area will feel hot, like you have mild sunburn, and appear red. Most traces will have disappeared by the following day. The new collagen production occurs over the next few weeks so a course of treatments is usually beneficial, spaced at 4 weekly intervals.

Achieving a good result with Micro-needling can be dependent upon the skill of the practitioner administering the treatment. The length of the needle used for each area is very important. Medical Micro-needling usually requires a needle length of 1 to 2mm. However some deep scar tissue or stretch marks may require deeper treatment. The needles will activate the new collagen synthesis only as long as they affect enough blood capillaries. Only a trained medical expert should perform micro-needling. I am a Registered Nurse Prescriber with many years of expertise in administering this treatment so that you can feel confident when you come to me.

  • Cost of 1 Treatment
  • £ 150
  • Course of 3 Treatments
  • £ 400