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Fat Dissolving Injections

Fat Dissolving Injections

Most people, men and women, usually have a few areas of stubborn fat here and there, which they dislike. These areas of fat usually persist no matter how much weight you lose, or how hard you exercise. This can be both frustrating and disheartening when trying to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. In the past the solution was to undergo liposuction surgery, which would usually involve a general anaesthetic and several weeks recovery time, which would not have suited everyone.

Fortunately now there is a much simpler solution to this problem, in the form of fat dissolving injections, Desobody and Desoface. Clinical studies have shown this to be both effective and safe and can give a beautiful contoured shape. The products have been specifically formulated for a treatment called injection lipolysis, which literally means fat dissolving. When the product is injected into a stubborn area of fat, it will cause it to dissolve over a course of treatments.

Desobody contains deoxycholate at a concentration of 1.25%, which is the active ingredient that can break down the fat cells.  Desoface has a lower concentration of 0.5% deoxycholate, and great results are obtained with this product in the double chin area.

After a thorough Medical History and examination of the area of concern, photographs will be taken before commencement of treatment. The area will be sterilised and treatment is performed using a cannula, which is a blunt needle that is placed beneath the skin in the fatty region of concern. This allows for an even distribution of the active ingredient deoxycholate in a fanning shape which will cover the entire area to be treated. There is usually only one insertion point for the cannula for each area treated, which means that you do not have to endure the pain of multiple injection sites.

The DESO procedure itself is actually relatively pain free, as the selected Deso product is mixed with a local anaesthetic called Lidocaine. This causes the area to be completely numb so any discomfort is kept to an absolute minimum. The treatment itself usually takes around 30 minutes but this can vary if several areas are being treated simultaneously. Following the treatment it is very normal to experience swelling, heat and hardness of the area. This is caused by the deoxycholate which is starting to have an effect on the fat cells targeted. The integrity of the fat cell is compromised as the surface tension of the cell membrane breaks down causing it to become more permeable. The fat cells then begin to expand and break up, which causes them to leak tiny amounts of the fatty lipids contained inside. These fatty droplets are then simply metabolised by the body through the lymphatic system and then excreted. This process occurs over a number of weeks so repeat treatments are recommended between 4 to 8 weeks apart. Apart from the side effects of swelling, heat and hardness for a little while, patients may also experience some bruising and some soreness to the area.

Ideal areas for fat dissolving are the back, abdomen, underneath the buttocks, hips, inner and outer thighs, knees, back of the arms, and below the chin. The treatment also works successfully for treating pseudo-gynaecomastia the development of fatty tissue in the chest of men who have gained excess weight, giving them the appearance of having breasts. (However it cannot be used for actual gynaecomastia which is the growth of breast tissue). A course of fat dissolving is usually required with areas like the chin responding very well after 1 to 3 treatments whilst areas like the abdomen or the hips requiring 4 to 6 treatments on average.

It is important to understand that this treatment cannot help with slimming and is not a weight loss solution. Therefore it is not ideally suited for extremely overweight patients. The ideal candidate is usually of slim to medium body weight or those that are only slightly overweight. The treatment targets localised stubborn areas of fat only, ironing out bumps and giving a smoother silhouette.

Following completion of the course of Deso treatment you can expect to see that the targeted areas of fat have greatly reduced giving a wonderful, natural sculptured appearance allowing you to wear clothes that previously would have been off limits. The overlying skin will also improve in firmness and elasticity generally.

Price for 1 Treatment £300

Course of 4 Treatments £1000

Course of 8 Treatments £1800